Tanning Products Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an Indoor  tanning product?
The use of indoor tanning products results in significant benefits. Indoor tanning products contain key ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tyrosine, Vitamins, Natural Oils, Botanical and Herbal Extracts, and Minerals to increase the intensity and effectiveness of your tanning time through magnification, hydration, and skin conditioning. These ingredients are not typically found in suntan lotion that is available at the drugstore.

When is the best time to apply tanning lotion?
Most tanners apply their indoor tanning lotion just before tanning to maximize the product’s magnification, hydration, and skin conditioning properties.

Are these products available elsewhere, and for less?
Folks have told us from time to time, “I saw these products online for a lot cheaper!” The fact is, most indoor tanning manufacturers have a policy against selling their products anywhere but in a professional tanning salon. See Designer Skin’s Diversion Policy here. The reason for this is that there are outfits selling outdated, counterfeit or even contaminated lotions, illegitimately, and against the wishes of the manufacturers. The products sold at Tropical Sun are guaranteed legitimate.

Should I do anything between tanning sessions to get better results and maintain my tan?
Since it actually takes 2-5 days for a tan to develop, it is important to continue your tanning program between your tanning sessions with hydrating and tan extending products. These products are specifically designed to provide essential moisture to the skin after tanning and allow you to build a healthy tan.

It seems like I can’t get any darker! What can I do?
You have reached what is called a tanning plateau. You must adjust your tanning regimen within the guidelines of developing a healthy tan. To increase magnification and intensification properties it is suggested to move from a tanning product used to stimulate melanin and build a base tan, to one that penetrates the skin surface with selective oils, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for dark tanning. Often tingle products, formulas that produce a warming-reddening sensation by increasing the circulation of the top layer of skin, will take even dark tans past the plateau. No matter what product you use during your tanning session keep in mind that it is vital during the plateau stages to heavily moisturize and condition the skin.

What should I do if my face and legs don’t tan as well as the rest of my body?
Moist skin tans better than dry skin. The face and legs are naturally low in moisture and become dryer with normal activities. It is important to keep these areas constantly hydrated during the tanning process. There are several indoor tanning products available that are specifically formulated for hard to tan areas.