We have four levels of tanning beds here at Tropical Sun, from level two to level five. However, whether level two or five, all of our beds provide an awesome tanning experience. As you will see in the descriptions on this page, each type of bed has its purpose, and/or is appropriate for the tanner’s skin type or where they are in their tanning regimen. Some people like to tan more frequently on a low-pressure bed, while others prefer to tan less frequently on a high-pressure bed. Whatever your needs are, we are here to serve you. Although we strive to provide lots of information on this site, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Saturn Hi-Pressure

Want an immediate, long lasting tan? Coming in at about 7 times more powerful than many other tanning beds, a 10 minute high pressure unit that offers intense tanning power for a deep, dark tan that lasts 2-3 weeks from a single session! This is the most powerful high pressure stand-up, giving unsurpassed tanning without increasing your chance of sunburn. Equal to about 4 hours in the midday summer sun. 10 minute session time. Extra tall. Open air design for advanced cooling.

Ergoline 650 | Level V

The Ergoline 650 Ultra Power combines astonishing tanning performance and comfort features to create the most powerful tanning experience. 12 high-pressure lamps in the canopy and the side plus 26 turbo power UV lamps in the base give a deep and long-lasting tan. The shoulder tanners provide an even, all-over tan for the top of the shoulders. The climate control system with integrated fans keep you cool to maximize your results.  This bed will take your tan to the ultimate level and is recommended only after a base tan has already been established.  Once you try it no other bed will compare.

Ergoline 600 | Level IV

Get an amazing tan with this European, efficient masterpiece. The Sun Ergoline Classic 600, a level four bed, is also a top of the line tanning unit. This solarium differs from the 650 in that it only has the four 500 watt high pressure facials. However, it has fifty 170 watt Genesis reflector bulbs and five shoulder bulbs. The benefits of this bed is that you tan less frequently, supercharge an existing tan, and maintain with fewer sessions. Once you try the 600 it is hard to go back to any other bed.

Sunstar 432 | Level III

The SunStar 432 delivers excellence with thirty-two 160-watt lamps—16 in the canopy and 16 in the bench. This bed also has three 400-watt facial lamps configured with Xtreme Reflections filter glass, which you toggle on and off. The SunStar 432 simply drenches you with bronzing rays. The Bio-Tech™ tunnel design wraps you in ergonomically designed comfort and all-around tanning power.

SunDash 240 | Level II

The modern design of the Sundash 240, what we call the “deep dish” bed, is as clever as it is beautiful. It’s unique “sun surround” (half circle bottom/half circle top) design enhances UV exposure while delivering one of the most comfortable tanning environments. The UV performance of this 40 lamp bed will take you to the next level of tanning with 20 medium pressure on top and 20 low pressure lamps on the bottom. The deep clamshell design has more lamps to curve around your body giving you the balanced tan you have been looking for. With a maximum time of only 15 minutes you can stop in anytime for a great tan.

Sun Up Two | Level II

TanAmerica’s SunUp II takes stand up tanning results to a new level. The unique tanning technology of this booth combines two different types of 160-watt reflector lamps, and is the only VHR booth with high-pressure facial lamps. This system is designed to deliver the deep dark all over tan. The SunUp II is great for reaching those hard to tan spots. This vertical solarium has twenty-four 160-watt Premier reflector lamps, twenty-four 160 watt ZXR reflector lamps and two 500 watt HP facial lamps.